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I was the picture of health in college. I ran up to 12 miles several days a week, trained with weights and was an avid hiker. I didn’t know it at the time, but my body was under siege from an unhealthy diet of processed foods. As my health declined, my weight spiraled out of control until it topped out at over 400 pounds. I was miserable and burdened with a constellation of illnesses. Even walking was difficult. For over ten years, I searched for a safe and effective method for losing weight. Nothing worked long term. I was ready to give up when I discovered the restorative power of wholesome traditional foods

The practical wisdom contained in Eat Fat, Lose Fat, by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig, has been an essential weapon in my arsenal for losing weight and reclaiming my health. The book’s recipes are a delight and I’ve found that adding good healthy fats like coconut oil to my diet have curbed my appetite, boosted energy levels and even improved my mood. The result is that I’ve lost over 150 pounds and have seen ailments from asthma to sleep apnea disappear. Changing my diet changed my life so much, that I had to prove to myself that the change was real, so I realized a dream and hiked the Grand Canyon. They say youth, once lost, can never be found again. They were wrong. I recommend
Eat Fat, Lose Fat

 to anyone who has struggled as I have. I believe they’ll discover, like me, that traditional foods will open a door to a healthier, more wonderful life. See my website at   R.M.


May I also take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the various articles on your website and the "nourishing traditions" as well as the "eat fat lose fat" books - I have been around for 52 years now (not very long in the eyes of the Lord and all that...I know :-) ) but for the first time in my life I have been able to lose weight without A. starving or B. smoking and C. in spite of the fact that just about everyone says that it's impossible to lose weight after the menopause. It is a little harder, that is true but certainly not impossible. Taking coconut oil has made SUCH a difference.Thanks again, best regards, R.K.


I’ve been eating a traditional diet for a couple of years now and have converted my way of purchasing, cooking, eating radically. Now I am devouring (ha) Eat Fat, Lose Fat and wondering, as I implement the 2000 calorie diet, if it is necessary to eat when I don’t feel hungry. I’m rigorous about breakfast even though I don’t feel particularly hungry in the morning. I feel very full with the cod liver oil, 1 1/2 tablespoons coconut oil and a kefir smoothie. That much puts me a bit over the edge in fullness. I take the coconut oil at lunchtime but have no hunger and a faint feeling of nausea at the thought of food. I’m concerned about consuming too few calories and triggering the metabolic slow down. For the first time in my life (I’m 62) I’m experiencing satiation. Last night I stopped eating right at the halfway mark of my modest serving of beef chili and could not for the life of me eat another bite. I’ve always wondered how my husband could say no to just another bite of something delicious with a
Thanks, I’m full. Now that I have experienced satiation I understand. What a wonder !   V.H.


 I’m following the Quick and East Weight Loss plan and having my coconut oil before meals three times a day. I am an often flustered and frantic home schooling mother of a two-and-a-half year old and a six-and-a-half year old. I cannot tell you what a positive impact the “needing” to sit down and drink a mug of herbal tea (with coconut oil) twice a day has had! I have carved a space out of my bedroom (which I spruced up considerably) with a couch, a warm throw, and some reading material. I close the door and am unavailable for 20-30 minutes in the middle of the day! What a divine luxury! My kids are understanding this concept and know they will be fed, bandaged, cleaned, taught, read to, hugged, etc. when I emerge, a renewed and recharged mama!!

“The weight won’t budge"  would have described me too--just unable to lose weight no matter what I did. So far I’ve lost 8 pounds on Quick and Easy Weight Loss. I’ve coupled taking coconut oil with paying very close attention to only eating when I’m hungry and not eating past hunger. The weight is coming off very slowly, but it’s moving and this is a huge deal to me, someone who was beginning to be convinced I couldn’t lose any weight. I also feel so darn good on the coconut oil!        A.S.


Over the last several years, I have slowly lost 30 pounds, and enjoyed every minute of it. First I cut out the trans fats and packaged foods, baking and cooking most meals, using nuts for snacks and lost about 15 pounds. Figured out the good oils, I added butter and coconut oil and lost another 5 pounds. Then I added raw milk to my diet and ate a lot less sugar, and lost another five. Over the last year another 5 pounds, just doing traditional foods (lot more work in the kitchen, hiking all over Colorado looking for real food, maybe?) Another 5 pounds and I’m digging out that bikini! It really, really works!     B.K.


My husband has been taking the coconut oil for about two weeks or more now, he has lost some weight and has noticed a decrease in his appetite. He used to eat two serving at dinner and now eats one. He takes the coconut oil 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner.   I just started doing this too for about 5 days now and have lost and kept off 2 pounds. My hair was falling out too, since this last baby 4 months ago and today in the shower I noticed less hair at the bottom of the shower. . . whew! My face is always flushed and I’m always hot and sweating, but I have lots of energy.      D.L.


I’ve been taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil for the few weeks and am feeling an increased energy level.   I am so pleased that I don’t feel hungry often so my eating habits are under control.    L.J.


Over the past 18 months I’ve lost 95 pounds, going from 300 to 205. I use about 4 tablespoons coconut oil daily and follow a traditional diet that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates.   I avoid all soy products and processed food. But I have not felt deprived. I eat lots of eggs, beef, chicken and butter.   Best of all, I have never felt better and seem to have unlimited energy. The key is getting over your fear of fats.   I eat unlimited amounts of saturated fat.     N.C.


Last year I started following a traditional diet—good organic, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, organic whole milk and butter, no soy, only organic olive oil, organic vegetables. I’ve lost 24 pounds since last year and feel great!     K.S.


Since I have added lots of healthy fats into my diet, I have lost at least 50 pounds, my husband has lost 50 pounds, and we are continuing to consistently and safely lose weight. We eat lots of butterfat from pasture-raised cows, fat from pasture-raised animals, coconut oil and cod liver oil. The real miracle is that these fats have not just helped us lose weight, they’ve cured illnesses and allergies in our family.   Our quality of life has improved so greatly, we will never eat lowfat again.     R.N.


About sugar cravings, since eating cultured veggies and kefir and raw cheeses and buttermilk, I have lost my lifelong chocolate cravings. . . what a feat ! Now it is not a matter of “being strong” and passing up the chocolate in the supermarket aisle, I just do not want any chocolate. Feels good too!   J.W.


When I was nine years old my grandfather had a heart attack so I went on a lowfat diet. I would pick the fat off chicken and steak. I used margarine and canola oil or corn oil. At 43 I had a lipid test and realized that low fat did not work. Cholesterol was 257, LDL was 184 and HDL was 47. I searched for hours to find the truth on the internet and found your website. I threw out the canola, corn oil, margarine and bought coconut oil, butter and ate the foods with fat, including two eggs per day, thick bacon and sausage. I ate all the fat on a steak.

I lost 16 pounds the first year and have stayed within a few pounds of that since. Most of the time when I included a teaspoon of coconut oil all by itself I noticed that I would lose 1 or 1 1/2 pounds the next morning. Two years after changing my diet I got another blood test. Total cholesterol dropped 9 percent. Triglycerides dropped 41 percent to 53. HDL went up 15 percent to 54. LDL went down 8 percent to 170. My allergies also disappeared completely. I have not had a cold in 2 years. I wish more people knew the truth—that’s why I‘m sharing my story.    S.W.


Thank you so much for your work, which has really changed our diet and our lives. We are very much into integrative medicine and healthy living. We have researched and tried lots of diets and this one that you recommend is not only the most enjoyable, but also the one that has made us feel the healthiest. My wife is a holistically oriented MD and we just did extensive blood tests. After about two years on your diet, eating as much butter, coconut, eggs, avocados and meat as we want, our cholesterol and hormones are fantastic! And we have not gained any weight. Seems like confirmation that eating a diet full of saturated fats and cholesterol does not negatively affect one’s health. It can be challenging to convince others of this because the propaganda against animal fats is so extensive.     B.C.


I am a postmenopausal woman who had numerous health complaints four years ago and wanted to lose about 10-15 pounds.  After I began eating a diet high in butterfat (from pastured cows), coconut oil, pastured eggs, cod liver oil, and lacto-fermented foods, I did lose weight - about the 10-12 pounds that I figured I needed to lose.  Along with the weight loss went the irregularity of bowels (present since teens), the arthritic joints in hands, knees and shoulders, spotty skin, brittle nails, etc. But wait, the story doesn’t end!  As with most “diets” I gained most of the weight back!  - and I’m still eating the good fats and nutrient dense foods. However, I don’t look the same or feel as I did before.  I feel lighter, but have more muscular strength, suppler skin, less bumpy fat on my thighs and far fewer postmenopausal hormonal swings.     S.K.


I started eating a traditional diet 5 months ago and have lost 20 pounds without trying, even though I eat as much or more food now as I did before. I think this is in part due to the coconut oil I have started including in my diet, which speeds up metabolism.  I have so much energy now and there is a healthy glow in my face.  I know I’m doing something right because a clerk at a clothing store recently told me I didn’t look old enough to have children.  I then asked her how old I looked and she said about 25.  She was really astonished when I told her I was actually 37!  I had to go shopping for new clothes (size 4, thank you) because my old clothes were too baggy.    H.L.


Changing my diet saved my life.  I was on a road to disaster eating what I was told by numerous doctors and experts was a healthy diet--lowfat, high-carbohydrate and calorie-restricted.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Polycysitic Ovarian Disease, hypoglycemia, obesity and I was on the fast track to Type II Diabetes before age 30.  When I discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation, the research of Dr. Weston Price and the work of Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig, my life was changed forever. By incorporating whole foods and plenty of good quality fats, including coconut oil, palm oil and animal fats including cod liver oil, I noticed an immediate improvement in my health and well-being.  I lost an incredible 22 pounds within a month though the weight loss isn’t as significant now.  What is significant is the reduction of symptoms from my disorders, a feeling of well-being and strength, and I finally become the person I knew and loved again, the person I was before I became so ill.  My body was starved for good fats.  My thyroid symptoms have lessened, my menstrual cycles have become much more regular for the first time in my life, and the cod liver oil has helped improve my eyesight and allowed me to use a lesser prescription.  I have only been eating this way for about a year and I feel that by this time next year I will be 5 times as healthy as I am now.  Good, quality fats, are the cornerstone to a healthy diet and I am so happy that I have finally figured that out.     D.L.


When I first took coconut oil, as suggested in your book Eat Fat Lose Fat , I had a terrible reaction, including vomiting. You suggested I cut back to a mere half teaspoon before each meal and build up gradually, which I did. I had a similar reaction taking HSOs (homeostatic soil organisms). They call it the Herxheimer reaction, which is really the body trying to get rid of toxins.

Well, I am glad to report that I built up very gradually and I think I am finally ‘cleaned out’. Now I can take the coconut oil before meals without any reaction. I also started brewing and drinking kombucha, which, much to my utter delight, seems to have totally resolved my constipation issues. I didn’t believe the claim but now I gladly proclaim kombucha to be a wonderful cure for constipation, at least for me. I got so excited about raw milk when I first heard you speak, you can imagine my dismay when I found I couldn’t tolerate it.   But I could tolerate kefir better. I wondered it the lactose?   The casein?   Who knows. Because the coconut oil made me so ill, doesn’t that speak to the fact that my gut must have been in really bad shape?   Way too much bad bacteria and/or yeast, fungus, etc.? Now that those Herxheimer reactions are done, I seem to tolerate milk better.   I won’t overdo it; still too afraid.   So I’m wondering if the state of the gut partly determines how one tolerates milk.   I used to wonder if all that bad bacteria. I’d built up over the years was feasting on all that lactose.   And now that they’re under control, and I handle milk better.... L.B.


I’m here to testify that low-carb dieting really works.   I have followed a low-carb regimen since for about a year and have lost 40 pounds and 2 dress sizes, without counting calories and without exercising. I eat real food including red meat, sausage, butter, bacon and of course coconut oil..   I started out at 259 pounds and as of this morning am at 212 pounds.   I have yet to count a calorie, and I have also yet to begin an active exercise regimen. A.L.


 The first week I took coconut oil, I felt terrible--tired, bloated and actually gained weight.   However, I stayed with the program it and am now seeing results.   My cravings have gone away and my energy levels have increased.   It is coconut oil that has made the difference, because I was following a low-carb diet before and always felt irritable. Now I feel good and am slowly losing weight. P.B.


I have been taking coconut oil for several weeks and the big result is that my cravings for sweets have gone away.   Yesterday I forgot to take any and all the cravings returned that evening.   What a difference!   This stuff really does work ! M. J.


I started taking coconut oil a week ago and have lost 6 pounds already--almost a pound a day.   And I never felt like I was starving. The big plus is I have so much more energy and no longer feel tired during the day. R.E.


I have been taking coconut oil for 4 months and have lost 36 pounds. Plus my metabolism has gotten a big boose and my digestive problems have disappeared. I can’t recommend coconut oil to highly for weight loss. K. B.


I’d like to report that I’m feeling healthy and vibrant on the Eat Fat Lose Fat diet. I’ve lost about 14 pounds (need to lose another 20) and although I seem to have reached a plateau for the last couple of months, I love the diet and it has become a way of life.

You may remember I wrote you several months ago regarding severe stomach pains that I feared might be caused by the coconut oil. I now believe they were due to taking digestive enzymes. I stopped taking them and my stomach’s now fine.   I take 1 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil three times a day without any problems. I also found capsules of Natural Chios Mastic Gum very helpful. Thank you for your excellent and essential work! E.N


I started the Coconut Diet several months ago, taking about 4 tablespoons coconut oil per day.   I find that I don’t get hungry at all and so far I’ve lost 15 pounds. I also feel like exercising. Before when I dieted, I never had the energy to exercise. R. K.


I have tried many different diets, including the South Beach Diet, which greatly aggravated my hypothyroid conditions.   When I started taking coconut oil, I immediately gained 8 pounds and my clothes got tight. However, I had so much energy that I continued taking the coconut oil.   Now the weight is coming off, about 2 pounds per week, the clothes are looser and I am exercising every day, something I never did before. B. D.


I have been on coconut oil for 6 months and have lost almost 25 pounds. The difference that coconut oil has made in my life is just unbelievable. B.R.


I have been taking Coconut oil now a month. The first few days it actually made me sick to my stomach, so I cut back and then built up slowly to a tablespoon before each meal.   I have lost about 12 pounds and have tons of energy.   I am avoiding carbs like bread, pasta and cereals.   Last year I lost 20 pounds on the Atkins diet but gained most of it back.   So great to be losing weight again while feeling so great. W.G.


Thank you so much for your recent book Eat Fat, Loose Fat.   Initially, my husband did not believe he could loose weight by eating fats, but it worked. He has lost 10 pounds over the last six months. (I have lost 7.5 pounds!)   It is a slow and steady process.   Our physician is pleased that the weight is coming off slowly versus the “crash diet approach.”   Who would have thought to increase the healthy fats and the weight would come off ? E.B.